Tip : Using Watercolor Brushes
Medium: Watercolor

Tutorial Details

There are many watercolor brushes available and they are good for different reasons. In this Art Tip, I will not be going over all watercolor brushes available, that would take a while. However, I will share the brushes that I like to use and how I use them. There are video clips showing how I use the different style brushes I use. I also hope to convey how important it is to use your brush of choice to it’s fullest capabilities.

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Rating and Reviews

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Priya Contractor

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The first artist I have come across to share her or his brushes in such detail and that to for free. Thank you so much

Kay Alexander

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Great tips! Was very interested in watching you use the mop brushes. I purchased Joseph Zbukvic's set last year and just havnt gotten the hang of it! I think I keep dipping in water and I get way too much. I love the Escoda synthetic rounds too! Going to get my brushes out and try your new workshop :) Thanks Brienne for sharing and explaining things so well

Peter Toth

1 2 3 4 5

Catherine Moore

1 2 3 4 5

Love the brush demonstrations. I have a lot of expensive brushes that I don't particularly like, but your demonstration was very helpful in showing their potential. For example, seeing how you used the tip of your mops to run a bead and move around objects on the paper was very eye opening. Thank you for these great free tools, they compliment the three classes I purchased very well and I appreciate the additional information.