Tutorial : Seeing Color - Understanding Natural Light Outdoors
Medium: Oil
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Lorenzo Chavez teaches us how to see the subtleties of color in a landscape. He shares his understanding of the 3 crucial light effects in nature, gained through years of study, observation and practice painting plein air.
This knowledge frees the artist from preconceived notions and color formulas, allowing them to more fully capture the mood and light of the day in their paintings.
In his lecture, Lorenzo discusses the theory of reflected light and demonstrates how he applies that theory to his own work, to create paintings that are both true to the scene and filled with rich, Impressionistic color.

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Sandra Dodson

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Janis Ellison

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This was a wonderful mini lesson that packed in clearly illustrated effect of light falling on objects under different lighting conditions.


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Love it! Thanks. This is a very good tutorial!

Giuliana Aubert

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This tutorial on understanding color in the atmospheric effects of light and shadow is absolutely excellent. It is laid out perfectly for interpretation.