Landscape : Painting a Limited Palette Sunrise
Medium: Oil or Acrylic
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Inspired by the Barbizon painters, Kelli paints a poetic Oklahoma sunrise in plein air, using her limited palette to create a range of muted yet expressive grays to evoke the meditative mood of this piece.
With 30 mins of video, Kelli takes the viewer through the entire painting process, step-by-step.
Paint along with Kelli at home and share your finished painting in the online gallery.

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Rating and Reviews

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C A York

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I did two of these...finally got some blue...really missed the contrast. the first one was on medium canvas. the second one was the same except i put a new coat of gesso and when dry sanded it. I may do some more...

Susan Metts

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For me it was very interesting to see how fast she painted the main elements and then slowed down at the end to finesse the edges and add small details. This work at the end of a piece always seems to be what separates an average painting from a truly exceptional one.

Carol Halperin

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With a few strokes of her brush, Kelli creates magic. It is such a joyful discovery to paint along with her, because some of that magic finds its way to your own canvas.

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