All Genres : Watercolor Fundamentals - Value
Medium: Watercolor
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A strong value pattern is vital for a successful painting!
Brienne demonstrates how to incorporate a value study into your painting process, without the distraction of color.
Using 3 different photo references and over 3 hours of detailed video instruction, Brienne shares her method to create stronger paintings.
No amount of brushwork and color will save a painting that doesn't have a well established value design.
This exercise will guarantee a more successful finished painting.

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Elizabeth Maass

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Maria Peagler

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Brienne's value workshop is quite good: she offers three scenes and does two value studies for each: one a value painting in watercolor; the second a value study either in pencil, charcoal or marker. I'll definitely watch these again. This is not, however, a mentor program. There is no feedback nor critique. Also, in three of the videos you can hear Brienne's children yelling loudly in the next room. I'm a working mom and understand trying to work with kids at home. But when they interrupt a video so much it's hard to concentrate on watching it, it's time to do some editing.

Use this image as a reference or simply as inspiration.
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