Frame-making : Create Your Own Amazing Frames
Medium: Frames
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You've seen his award winning paintings, but did you know Robert Spooner also builds his own frames? We visited Robert in his studio where he shared his process for making these stunning frames from start to finish.
With a modest investment in some standard tools and equipment, Robert shows how you can build a unique, handcrafted frame.
Learn a skill that will not only enhance your paintings, but demonstrates to potential buyers your commitment to quality and craftsmanship in your art.

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Kathy Jenkins

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I loved this workshop. I have made a few of my own frames. But was dissatisfied with some of my results. Especially trying to get my frame square. This workshop is well organized, gives you a wonderful shopping list, and breaks down the process into several videos so you can watch them over again without having to watch the entire program. Thanks for the help.

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