Cityscape : Choosing a Focus for Stronger Paintings
Medium: Watercolor
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Deciding on a good subject to paint is challenging, yet it is a crucial first step in a successful painting. Brienne shows how to make this decision easy through the power of value studies. Watch as Brienne creates two designs from one scene using monochromatic value studies. Then, paint along as Brienne creates a cityscape painting, demonstrating her process step by step.
Build your confidence and find inspiration and encouragement while learning to create stronger, more focused paintings!

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Rebecca Dawson

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This is a fun lesson. Doing two value studies was really helpful practice. The instruction and demos are very clear and well organized.

mary castle

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First of all, I have to say, I hate value studies, I hate sketching I just typically see something I want to paint and dive right in with mental sketches. I had to force myself to take the time to paint the value studies but wow what a difference it made! For me, it really was a chance to practice the painting process without any of the hesitations from "diving right in" which definitely ended with a stronger painting that looked more spontaneous. Also, doing the study gave me the freedom to slow down and study the values (duh), the composition and really contemplate the whole thing. I enjoyed the act of painting the final piece because I had done all of my fumbling around with the value study.

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